The hair transplant is the plastic & a cosmetic surgical procedure that requires both the scientific & artistic skills and understanding to offer the great result. The Surgeon who performs the surgery must have an outstanding skill to offer a great natural hairline design according to the patient’s facial structure, their gender, and age that should be considered while planning the hairline design. This is the hairline that decides the success of the procedure and this is again the hairline that tells about Surgeon’s skills and precision for performing the implantation surgery.

The hair restoration procedure is actually a shifting of hair root position from one location to another that is termed as the donor and recipient zone. The donor area is the back and a side portion of the head that contains the DHT-resistant hair roots that never fall out, whereas the recipient area is what where hair loss occurs and incorporated in the activity of hair transplantation. The Surgeon performs the procedure followed by the extraction method, either FUT or FUE hair transplant and meet the challenges of the transplantation goal.

The hair transplant in Delhi offers you the best budget option for the plastic & cosmetic surgery procedures and attracts clients from both the domestic and overseas nations. The hair transplant cost in Delhi is around one-fourth of the cost applicable in the other Western world countries and rated on the basis of the graft involvement in the procedure.

There are 3 key points for offering the Natural results Hair Transplantation:

  1. Right Technique Selection: It is very important to choose the right technique for the hair transplant procedure. The technique is applied to extract the hair roots and the same are implanted after the microscopic dissection to meet the goal of the restoration procedure. If technique has chosen after a careful assessment of the patient’s scalp, it meets the criteria of the procedure. The FUT hair transplant always gives the permanent results of the procedure because roots are extracted only from the DHT-resistant hair zone.
  2. The making of Hairline design: The making of hairline design is one of the most concerning jobs in the hair transplant procedure. The hairline is defined by the patient’s face, age, gender, and the last, but not least the expectation that a patient wishes for! The hairline must follow the natural pattern for which a surgeon follows the particular angle and direction. The hairline angle & direction should be in an irregular pattern to meet the need of an aesthetic outcome of the procedure.
  3. The Slitting Job: The slitting job of the restoration procedure should follow the defined shifting of the follicular unit, which must have an order matched to the natural growth of the hair roots. The slitting defines the place of the graft implantation and hairline confirmed after the implantation of follicular units. Thus, slitting has a carving value in achieving the aesthetic goal of the hair transplant procedure.


On the whole, we can say that the natural results of the restoration procedure can only be achieved if the performing Surgeon is an expert in the same field with a number of years’ experience and expertise to offer the great natural outcome of the procedure.

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