Cosmetic surgery is not just a medical procedure. It’s an investment. You invest money in your appearance and accrue confidence as you get results. You also invest your time and energy and you should ensure your investment pays off.

Different cosmetic surgery procedures offer high patient satisfaction rate and in general, patients are excited with the outcomes they get, for several years.

However, perhaps the most important aspect is to understand that if you want to maintain the good results, you have to take care of them regularly. You should also face the fact that nothing is able to totally stop the effects of genetics, ageing and lifestyle habits.

The good news is that you can successfully do certain things to maintain your cosmetic surgery results for years to come. Here are some such tips that will maintain the surgery results.

1. Healthy Diet and Regular Workout

Body contouring surgeries can convert your curves into a more pleasant and proportionate look. While the outcomes may seem miraculous, your current look can only last if you maintain a healthy weight.

For example, fat removal procedures like liposuction will give you a permanent rid of targeted fat cells. But if you put on weight, it will appear in other areas as rest of the fat cells expand.

Plastic surgeon Dr Naveen in Bondi Junction says that it’s important to maintain your weight within a steady range if you have undergone a surgical lifting procedure like body lift or tummy tuck. You should avoid stretching of your skin back and invalidating the enhancements you worked hard to obtain.

The best way of maintaining your body contouring outcomes is to exercise regularly and having a healthy diet. These two rules will also help you to become healthier in general and you will feel great.

Keeping away weight gain during the recovery period after a cosmetic procedure can be a challenge as this should be a resting period. Don’t be disappointed and understand that it’s normal to gain a little weight during this period.

Have a healthy diet and perform non-strenuous activities that are safe and this will help you get back to the gym soon once you are healed.

2. Good Skincare

Right after the procedure, proper skincare can make a great difference in scarring. And with time, proper skincare will help your outcomes look good or even better than ever.

Firstly, scarring is an inevitable aspect of most surgeries and while your surgeon will see to it that he puts the incisions where they can be hidden easily, it’s partially in your hands to make sure they heal to an optimum level and fade over time nicely.

It is important to follow any postoperative restrictions as they will help you prevent strain on your scars. If scars are strained, they may widen and become more visible.

Secondly, make sure to save your incisions from the sun, keep their surrounding area clean and apply topical scar care ointments and creams prescribed by your doctor.

Afterward, the correct medical-graded skincare products can help improve and maintain your cosmetic surgery outcomes, especially regarding facial procedures.

Good skincare is so important that many plastic surgeons have an aesthetician on their staff to help their patients to choose right skincare products.

3. Healthy Habits In and Out

What you add to the inside and outside of your body will not only affect your surgical outcomes, but also will make a big difference to your overall health.

For example, it’s commonly instructed by doctors to quit smoking at least for a few weeks before and after the procedure because nicotine adversely affects the ability of your body to heal causing prolonged recovery periods, potential complications and more noticeable scarring.

Consult Dr Naveen Somia for details on how to maximize your cosmetic surgery results and enjoy them for years.

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