If you’re the type of person that would love to update your beauty routine and give your appearance a boost but don’t have the resources to put a ton of time into the process, there are plenty of options out there for you. Some beauty tricks take a matter of moments, and can transform your appearance drastically. Use these tried and tested tricks of the trade to gain an instant confidence lift.   

  • Get a quickie treatment. Many people mistakenly believe that salon-based cosmetic treatments take a long time to carry out, or require weeks of healing time afterward. With today’s technology this definitely isn’t the case. Safe and effective treatments like anti wrinkle injections perth will instantly smooth out your complexion and banish the telltale signs of ageing – and they can be done in under an hour.
  • Get a great night’s sleep. Poor sleep is a major factor when it comes to your looks, especially as you get older and your skin becomes less forgiving. If your lifestyle is particularly high-stress, it’s very important to get a good night’s sleep to recharge and allow your skin to heal from the day’s exposures. If getting 8 hours of shut-eye is a struggle, brush up on your sleep hygiene by banning screens from your room, implementing a relaxing bedtime routine, and seeing your doctor if things don’t improve with self-help techniques.
  • Try out a hair treatment. Dry and damaged hair is a big problem for many of us, particularly during the summer months when sun exposure is at its peak. You don’t have to chop it all off to solve the problem, though. A moisturising hair mask or salon treatment can offer an instant solution, smoothing and softening your hair with immediate results.
  • Get your brows done. The shape and style of your eyebrows can transform the appearance of your face. If your brows are looking sparse from years of over-tweezing, heading to a salon for a quick fix will make a world of difference. If you have the opposite problem then it’s easily solved with waxing, threading, or plucking, but go to a professional to make sure it’s done perfectly.

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  • Switch up your makeup. Your makeup could be causing more issues than you think. If you have sensitive skin and find yourself breaking out frequently, try switching to a mineral brand that’s gentler on your complexion. Many skin-friendly brands offer substantial coverage without the pore-clogging irritants that your skin may be used to.
  • Go for a run. A regular exercise routine will do wonders for your health and appearance, but if you’re looking for quick results, just a short run that gets your heart up can be perfect for providing a rosy glow. Start making a habit of going out for a jog every morning and your complexion will quickly respond. Just don’t forget the sunscreen before you head out.
  • Exfoliate your skin. Dead skin cells cause a whole host of beauty complaints, from dry, flaky skin to a dull complexion. Fix yours by using a good quality exfoliating scrub at least once a week before you moisturise. You should see immediate results, especially if you have dry skin that hasn’t been exfoliated in some time.



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