The solid enamel coated teeth need some tending loving care too! Though the sturdiest ones in the body, they tend to be degraded by the cavity and other oral germs. Just so you know that we have only 2 sets to work with, and for the adults, we are using our final one.

So here’s a ‘how-to’ look better after your teeth regime:

1) The Brushing Technique

Yes, using the toothbrush correctly is quite a skill on its own. You might be habitual to brushing for 5 minutes at a stretch but happen to be just foaming the paste in the mouth and not doing the deed. Make sure you do brush the germs away.

2) Brush Teeth Not Gums

People tend to do that at times leading to the problem of bleeding gums. Stay in the allocated enamel area as the bristles tend to be rough, not made for gums but teeth.

3) The More The Merrier

If you can brush more than twice a day then go for it! After every meal that you take, go for a thorough gargle at least, in this way you can safeguard your teeth from any damage till the time you brush.

4) Floss It Out

Ideally, use an 18-inch long piece of floss to make sure that you do not reinsert any germs that you previously removed. The area between the teeth needs to be cleared regularly and tended to with a thorough yet gentle hand.

5) Mouthwash And Tongue Scrapers

Your tongue houses a plethora of mouth germs, make sure that you scrape them out. Also, these bacteria tend to affect the sense of taste and hence it is advisable to use a tongue scraper. A mouthwash used at the end of your daily oral regime helps to keep the fresh sensation for a while.

6) Look Out For Your Brush Too

After you are done with cleaning your mouth and teeth, the next thing you need to look out for is the toothbrush. Make sure you cleanse it well before recapping it. Also, being regular in changing the brush gives aided protection. The bristles tend to deteriorate after usage and hence must be replaced for optimal output.

7) Regular Dental Check-ups

Yes, though you’ve given your teeth all that you can they still need expert approval to make sure they are healthy. You can find family dental guidance at Clinique Dentaire Malka.

Your oral hygiene is in your hands, just do it right.


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