Going on a camping trip is certainly one of the most exciting outdoor activities you can do with your pet. Wouldn’t it be amazing to sit around the campfire with your best companion beside you?

If you want to try this activity, you have to pause and make a plan first. There are things you need to take care of before you embark on a camping trip. It’s not something that you can do on a whim. Here’s a list of things you need to do:

  1. Camp in the right place

You wouldn’t want to risk your dog’s safety over a place that is not pet-friendly. Before you book yourself and your family to a camping site, ask the authorities if bringing a dog with you is okay. Having troubles with the location is not a great way to start a camping trip.

  1. Visit the vet

When all the preparations for the campsite are already taken care of, visiting the best cat hospital in Sydney is suggested. While on the road, you don’t know what’s going to happen, and being stuck away from civilization during an emergency is not a pleasant experience at all.

You wouldn’t want to ruin all the fun during a camping trip, so make sure that your dog is healthy enough for the outing.

  1. Ready your dog’s documents

You can never tell if problems would occur while camping, so it is best to bring with you all the relevant documents that you can think of, including vaccination papers, ID tags, and the like.

  1. Bring first aid kit

Like any campers, dogs also need a first aid kid. During the trip, the possibility of getting an injury is very likely. With all the running and exploring, it wouldn’t be a surprise if your dog would come back to the site with a minor wound. To treat them without running off to the hospital like http://gordonvet.com.au, have a kit to help assess and address any injury quickly.

  1. Carry leash

Bringing a leash with you would be helpful if you wouldn’t want your dogs to run off like crazy and encounter harm. There are instances that you want them to stay in a particular area to prevent further conflicts from happening.

  1. Bring food bowls

You don’t want to let your dog’s eat on the ground. Of course, bringing their food bowls is a necessity during a camping trip, especially when there is hiking involved. Your dogs will pretty much need a lot of drinking after a long walk.

  1. Have poop bags

Be a responsible owner and pick your dog’s poop on the camping site. Remember, you are not the only ones using the trails and campsite, so have a bag with you for the cleaning.

  1. Plan your sleeping arrangements

Decide on which part of the campground your dog will sleep, and bring with you the necessary things that you might need. Will you let them stay inside the tent with the family or let them stay outside with a leash? It is up to you to decide, but make sure that your dog would be safe.

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