Clenbuterol enhances the working and production of beta-2 within the body. This action brings about an increase in the temperature of the body which in turn enhances the metabolism. More metabolism means more breakdown of fats. It means the user is able to burn more calories more effectively. This helps in fat and weight loss in a major way. At the same time, Clenbuterol also enhances development of lean muscles.

The appetite suppressant pills are usually taken to increase the metabolism rate of the human body.  Due to increased in metabolism rate, the stored fat in the body is completely utilized by the cardiovascular systems such as heart, blood vessels, and blood that helps in transporting of all the materials to the other organs of the body. There are many types of appetite suppressant or dietary pills available in the market. Clenbuterol Sopharma is considered as one of the appetite suppressant pills.

Human dosage of clen

Clen is usually started with 20mcg as beginner’s dose but a little higher dose can be taken accordingly to the body tolerance level of the individual. But more than 120mcg will be hazardous for your health.

Any weight loss supplement you take, it is best to start off with the lowest dose possible so that the body can adjust to the drug well.  The right dose of Clenbuterol would be 20 mcg in the initial weeks. This should continue for two weeks and then follow the cooling period of two weeks. Then on resuming, the user can take 40 mcg and again continue the cycle. This can go thus till the dose reaches 100 mcg. The dose is best for the beginners but for experienced users, the starting dose can be 40 mcg and go up to 160 mcg.  The maximum doses mentioned are the limit and exceeding it can cause serious side effects. Also, in a year, the user should only take it for four months.

The other benefits on humans

The pill is a stress buster or mood enhancer as you could call it. It is also said to increase the quality of the sleep which in turn is very good in the recovery process of the muscles. The wear and tear is quite often, ample rest and clen will give it sufficient boost in the recovery process. The main part of consuming clen is that when through the rigorous workouts and diet and the clen cycle you achieve your muscular body, then there will be a breakdown of the same due to the catabolic effect but by the use of clen, the retention of muscles is maintained

The best part of clen is that it has long a half life which makes you to take small doses but will have a significant effect of the clen over a longer period of time. Click here for more details.

It has to be kept in mind that the waking hours dosage is better for the body as clen increases the metabolism of the body and it would have finished its task by the time you go to bed.

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