Many steroids available in the market are quite risky to use because of their severe side-effects and problems. But there is one steroid which is so gentle that it is exceedingly in demand by the female users. It is even successfully consumed by men, with beneficial effects at a higher dose than females. This high dose may also pose threat to the users. This drug is legal in some countries whereas can only be sold via prescriptions in others.

There are many advantages of Anavarcycles like it is highly important in the cutting phase of the cycle. This is the most prevalent use of the drug. Anavar is a rapid dihydrotestosterone anabolic steroid. The oral drug is effective in maintaining slender muscle gains as well as enhance the complete metabolism of the users. Male users can practice this drug during the dieting chapter. This is not very active or functional in the bulking level of the cycle. Anavar is one of the priciest drugs in the market.

Anavar benefits in the females

Women are supposed to get better results using Anavar both in the gain or diet sections of the cycle. A woman’s body is more sensitive to this drug than males. It is much-loved among the competitive women athletes. The daily dose of usage among females is 10-20 mg and the steroid cycle lasts for almost five to six weeks. If the women users go beyond 20 mg, it may cause a high probability of nasty side-effects. If a person thinks that increasing the dose would also increase the beneficiary effects, then he is absolutely wrong. There is no exponential relation beyond a certain level. It reaches a plateau after which the actions minimize even if the dose surges. If one plans to repeat the cycles, then it is advised to wait and take a break of about 3-4 weeks before starting a fresh cycle.  The dose and cycle depend upon the demand and goals of the individual.

Futile in bulking

Anavar is not suitable for bulk phase since it is unable to add significant muscle mass. It can build a lean body but weight gain is not one of its best properties. A heavy dose of about 80-100mg/day is required to be taken to gain perceptible bulk, while the optimum dosage for cutting cycle is below 80mg or approximately 50-80mg/day. Each 10mg cost $1-2, that makes this cycle too costly, and it not recommended at all to spend your hard earned money on a waste bulking phenomenon. Plus this extreme dose will definitely cause havoc to your body.

This drug must be complemented with a calorie deficient, proper balanced diet and heavy fluid consumption to increase its effectiveness. There is no problem of water retention with Anavar. It is involved in suppression of hunger and augments body endurance and ability to exercise properly without interruptions. So it is highly important to understand the advantages of Anavar cycles and where to put more emphasis. Reading the reviews would definitely help!

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