Leg day is one of the most anticipated days for newbies who can’t wait to get a killer lower body. If you are new to the workout gym, it’s easy to get pumped up and overdo it—but steady is best. Start with these five exercises to work toward the strong, muscular legs you want.

1. Walking lunges (2 sets of 6)

This exercise works all parts of the lower body. Plus the individual moves for each leg helps evenly distribute strength and improves balance. Extend one leg forward about three feet apart with your foot facing forward. Lower your back knee until it almost touches the ground. Slowly lift to bring both legs together and repeat.

2. Glutes bridge (3 sets of 15)

An exercise like this one is a good way for beginners to strengthen glutes and hamstrings. You need that foundation to build more strength without injuries as you advance in your workout. Once you grow stronger, add different weights in the workout gym to give yourself a challenge.

3. Deadlifts (2 sets of 6)

As a beginner, start doing this exercise with dumbbells. You can move to barbells or kettlebells later once you’ve mastered the technique. Grip the two dumbbells close together with your palms facing you. Only bend your knees slightly and drop the weights in front of you. Use a lifting motion to pull the weights up while keeping your back flat. Learning proper deadlift form is essential to progressing with this exercise.

4. Wall squats (3 sets of 15 using a Swiss ball)

One of the most basic squats besides an air squat is a wall squat. This one is better at helping you learn the proper position since the ball modifies it abs helps prevent injury. Use the weight of your back to keep the ball in place as you squat until your legs are parallel to the floor. Raise up steadily as you push your heels beneath you.

5. Calf raises

Gyms in Spokane may have a calf raise machine where you can add weights. If not, lifting from the floor wig your own body weight is fine. Raise your calf’s a few inches and slowly lower to work calf muscles, stabilize ankles, and improve balance.

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