If you are looking for a powerful steroid that can help you shed off excess fat and at the same time help you in building lean muscles, then Anavar is the one for you. When compared to other steroids in the market, Anavar is considered to have lesser side effects and gentle on your liver.

Begin with Anavar Only Cycles

If this is your first time with steroids, then you might want to take it slow. When it comes to steroids or supplements; the results are slow and gradual. You cannot expect any miracles to take place within a day or a week.

If any stores or advertisement promises you such things, then it is probably a hoax. Many people tend to stack these steroids with other supplements for faster and quick results. The downfall of this, especially for beginners would be the side effects that come with other supplements.

This is the reason why beginners must go forward with Anavar only cycles. Anavar or Oxandrolone as it is popularly known as can be used by both men and women.

Results with Anavar Only Cycles

The results and dosages for beginners might vary from that of intermediate and advanced users. It is highly recommended to stick to the dosages as prescribed by your doctor or with that which comes with the pack.

The dosages for men for Anavar are 30 to 40mg per day. The maximum you can stretch would be up to 100mg. Women, on the other hand would require 2.5 to 10mg per day. The added benefit women have here is that, unlike other steroids, these do not cause side effects such as facial hair and deeper voice.

Advantages of Using Anavar Only

When it comes to try out different steroids, you first need to understand the benefits that you can derive out of them. Anavar is no different. Some of the benefits of Anavar only include:

  • It does not convert to estrogen
  • It helps to keep gynecomastia at bay
  • It also reduces bloating and mood swings
  • It helps decrease appetite, thereby helping to reduce calories

The best thing about Anavar is that it can be used by anyone and everyone. If you are pregnant or suffer from any medical condition, then it is always better to consult your doctor before taking such steroids.


When it comes to buying steroids, it is better to get them from licensed stores. Here you can be assured of money back guarantee on the products, if they do not work for you.


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