Many people think of injections when they plan to consume steroids for achieving bodybuilding and performance benefits. An “oral only” steroid cycle can also be taken by those who are not comfortable with injection based consumption. Stacks prepared from “oral-only” steroid enables to overcome the pain and hassle associated with needle administration and other side effects of injection.

What is the benefit of an “Oral Only” steroid cycle over injected based steroid cycle?

Half-life of oral only steroids is very much shorter than other forms of steroids like injectable steroids. This makes it easy for a user to control their blood plasma levels. Also, it prevents them to go through the painful injections every day.

Common oral steroids

There are a few best performing oral steroids for bodybuilding. These are:

  • Dianabol
  • Anavar
  • Winstrol
  • Trenbolone
  • Oral Turinabol
  • Oral Turinabol
  • Anadrol

Types of oral-only steroid cycles

There are majorly two types of “oral only” steroid cycles available. A bodybuilder can use it to fulfill their bodybuilding objectives.

Weeks 1-8

Dianabol (also called Methandrostenolone) (50mg daily)

Weeks 1-6

Anadrol 50 (also called Oxymetholone) (50mg daily)

Dianabol is the strongest form of oral steroids that offer exemplary anabolic effects. As it is not androgen, it fails in providing adequate maintenance of physiological functions in the body.

Precautions related to the above oral only steroid cycle

Users of oral only steroid cycles stop a quite early than an ordinary anabolic cycle. This leads to hepatoxicity issues. The collective hepatoxicity of several oral steroids at once implies that a single steroid can run at one time or else it can damage the liver.

Oral Only steroid cutting cycle

A few “oral-only” steroid cycles accomplish the most sought objective of cutting and achieving ripped, and polished that bodybuilders are keen for.

Weeks 1-8

Andriol (non-C17AA oral Testosterone) (300mg daily)

Anavar (75mg daily)

Weeks 1-8

Winstrol (100mg daily)

You can even use oral natural alternatives to the above steroid for stacking and cycling purpose. Use of alternatives will prevent any side effects such as testosterone suppression and liver toxicity.

Which popular cutting steroids come with natural alternatives?

  • Anvarol as a natural substitute to Anavar
  • Trenorol as a natural alternative to Trenbolone
  • Clenbutrol as a natural substitute to Clenbuterol


This information would definitely assist you in making the most informed decisions related to oral steroid and optimize bodybuilding game.

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