The term organic, generally reminds us of fresh vegetables and fruits and sometimes even packaged organic snacks that are free of chemicals. But the fact is, when you look around there are a number of non-food organic items that you will also come across like lotions, powder, spray, oils, oil cartridges, wax and a lot more. Under these non-food organic products lie three categories that are certified by the Department of Agriculture in the US namely textile, personal care items and alcohol. Just like the organic fruits and veggies even these non-food organic items are produced without the use of any kind of toxic pesticides, sewage sludge, ionizing radiation, genetic engineering and most synthetic fertilizers.

About CBD and hemp

The compound CBD (cannabinoid) is non psychoactive organic compound manufactured from the extracts of whole hemp plant. The industry experts have recognized several uses of CBD oils. It has been seen to produce a wide range of noticeable effects in both pets and human. The best part of CBD is, it practically has zero side effects and is considered extremely safe for usage. These products are not available for sale for people under 18 years of age. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using it. The products should be used as per the direction on the label. Moreover if you decide to use such CBD products, proper advice from the doctor is recommended. For best CBD delivery, you need to checkout some of the reputed websites that sells CBD products.

The wellness movement

CBDYOUME is a drive that encourages the use of some of the best organic CBD products which they make available for delivery online in the US. To promote healthy living the organization is playing an active role in promoting such organic products. Irrespective of whether you are young or old, CBD products proves to be beneficial for everyone. This organization encourages the users to do sufficient research on what industry experts have to say about the benefits of CBD and hemp products in the recent times.

Few of their products

If you want to order the CBD products you can check out any popular website selling such CBD products or the website of CBDYOUME that offers you the best CBD delivery. The later offers deliver of CBD products anywhere across the US. Here, is a glimpse of some of the products that you will come across in their website:

  • Honey sticks – These sticks includes CBD oil extract that are completely free of butane and hexane. You can use them in your tea, coffee or with toast every morning. Its potency and purity is checked by a third party.
  • Lotions – These are three times thick skin nourishing cream that contain 99.9% of CBD oil along with other therapeutic essential oils.  
  • Edible gummy worms – These gummy worms are made from extracts of whole hemp plants. Each pack of these sour gummy worms contains around 250mg of hemp oil. Each edible candy contains 50mg of CBD oil. It is recommended that 50mg of the candies should be consumed every 4 – 6 hours depending on your body mass.

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