According to a news report by The New Indian Express, 56% of ‘smart cities’ in India are prone to flooding and flash flood related disasters, which accounts for 77% of all disasters in the country. This makes it a glaring issue in the administration of our country, for which we must all collectively advocate for change in any way possible. As with most civic problems in the country, financials are almost always the biggest obstacle in getting anything done. With the aim of encouraging a crowdfunding India to use online fundraising and take matters in their own hands, we hope to see greater preparedness for the upcoming monsoons.

It’s important to convey that floods are not entirely a natural disaster, but rather human actions over the years that have greatly contributed to the country’s poor resilience for flooding. Moreover, urban flooding and flash floods are what we know of well, because they’re thoroughly documented by the press. We mustn’t ignore the fact that flooding takes place even in rural India, and in fact the structural makeup of homes in villages makes them even more susceptible to flooding disasters. Disaster relief efforts should consciously be made available for both, rural and urban flooding.

So here’s how we may all use crowdfunding India platforms to reduce the impact of floods in the country.

  1. Crowdfund to provide free treatment and medicines for victims of flood related diseases like dengue, leptospirosis, typhoid, and hepatitis.
  2. Raise money to ensure basic necessities of food and shelter to those who’ve lost their homes in a flooding disaster.
  3. Help one or more rural homes raise money to purchase resources to build flood resilient homes with water proof infrastructure.
  4. Raise money to advocate for stronger regulations that enforce construction of buildings above flood levels.
  5. As we discussed, floods are as much man-made as natural – raise awareness about reforestation, protection of wetlands, and mindful building of structures like dams.
  6. Start small scale local campaigns for revegetation of urban and rural areas, so that we more water can be soaked up during excessive rainfall.

Surely there’s a lot more that can be done through effective crowdfunding India campaigns. These are just a few ideas to get you started with your environment protection initiative. In the past, whenever disaster has struck, we have proved time and again that there is no dearth of donors and well-wishers who are genuinely interested to help each other during such times. With that, are reassured that crowdfunding can be an extremely efficient and effective way in preventing, reducing damage, and providing relief to victims of floods in India.

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