The world of crowdfunding India is ever-evolving and constantly growing. What started only as a way for economically struggling families to raise money for medical treatment and for NGOs to run operations has now branched out into so many different fields and careers. Business owners and entrepreneurs can now raise capital in a completely risk free and easy method, without sacrificing part of their company, as is usually the case with investors. More importantly, crowdfunding India is giving our younger generations endless opportunities to explore different careers that are not as common in India. One we’d like to talk about today is product designing. Indians are creative, innovative, and full of great ideas – the only thing that often hold creators, innovators, and designers back is the financial constraints and limitations of commencing a project. This is where crowdfunding can be a game changer.

Crowdfunding for a prototype

Even if you’re just creating a design or prototype for a potential customer, it might involve several expenses, is it purchasing material, or 3D printing. You can easily showcase your past work, as well as your ideas for the future, on a crowdfunding India platform, and ask interested people to support you in converting a prototype in an actual product.

Gain insight on the market demand

Aside from the obvious advantage of raising capital for your project, crowdfunding platforms give you the opportunity indirectly interact with the potential buyers for your product, for it those people who are most likely to donate to your campaign. It’s a great way to understand what people are looking for, what kind of demand is out there, and to bounce off ideas through your crowdfunding campaign, which heavily relies on social media communications.

Raise money for material and equipment

Many designers rely on new technology such as tablets that you can sketch on or other digital graphic software that help them perfect their creations. If you’re unable to afford such tools and equipment that will support your designing career, we urge you to start a crowdfunding campaign and appeal to friends and family, to make small contributions that will help you purchase everything you need in your product design journey.

Market your products with donations

When we speak of marketing there’s so much that can be done – but only have you have the funding for it. If you need visibility for your designs, you may need to start your own website, or hire a public relations team, or get professional help for social media communications, or showcase in exhibitions, or simply advertise your products in print and digital publications.

Pay for an education in product designing

Design schools and universities are typically more expensive (in terms of fees and tuition) than traditional college degrees. This makes it unavailable for a large part of our population. So if you’re someone who aspires to be part of the design world, and get a formal education in product designing, but you can’t afford it, crowdfunding is a wonderful method to raise money for your education, whether it’s in India, or abroad.

At Impact Guru, we understand that it’s not always possible, nor practical to put in your own money and savings into a project that you don’t know the outcome of. So we’re here to help all you product designers out there, to kickstart your journey in product designing. Launch your crowdfunding campaign with Impact Guru today.

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