DCA is as good as a miracle drug and hope for cancer patients. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have had side effects over time and have not proven to be as effective as DCA. Since, DCA is new, you must ask the right FAQ about this drug to more about its uses and side effects. This drug was discovered in the year 2007 and had shown effective results for breast cancer, lung and brain cancer.

The regulatory bodies have created the right policies and guidelines for using this drug. Even for clinical trials for experimenting the effectiveness of this drug against cancer both cancer and noncancer patients have been used and the results have proven to be extraordinary.

These are the answers for the questions about DCA that you must know

  1. DCA is not a natural drug, it’s a synthetic drug.
  2. This is a synthetic drug that works against the cancer cells naturally.
  3. Yes, DCA has proven to be safe to use on patients suffering from cancer.
  4. Through experimentation, DCA has shown some side effects.
  5. DCA has shown its effects on neuropathy as well.
  6. Hand tremors, memory problems and hallucinations are some of the side effects.
  7. These side effects depend on the dose given and the age of the patient.
  8. DCA shows damaging effects when it is combined with ongoing treatments of cancer.
  9. Gastronomical effects like heartburn and indigestion are felt when DCA is used.
  10. Toxicity of liver has also been observed as a side effect of DCA.

How to know if the DCA purchased online or offline is safe?

DCA is not over-the-counter drug. This is a prescription drug that cannot be sold illegally. Sodium dichloroacetate, otherwise known as DCA can show damaging side effects if purchased from a store that is not licensed to sell it. DCA is administered in the form of capsules, cream, and liquid that can be taken orally.


Patients who have failed cancer treatments can quality for DCA treatments. There are many published papers which claim that DCA increases the chances of colon cancer. This is not true. DCA have proven to be effective in treating various types of cancer.

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