Lost a tooth and confused to go with traditional implants or digital? Read further to get a better knowledge on affordable digital teeth implants in Sydney.

Digital implants:

Digital implantation is an incredible discovery in the modern dentistry with the best replacement options. Unlike traditional implantation, with digital dental implants in Sydney, you can experience less pain and lowest healing time, giving you the tooth that can do all the works of the replaced natural one.

Traditional implantation vs. Digital implantation:

With conventional or traditional implant more surgeries are involved which include cutting the gum and exposing the bone, the screw is inserted and sutured. The procedure takes around 150 minutes and around two to three weeks for recovery.

In digital dental implants, CBCT is done to access the bone and the impressions of the implant area is taken and send to make the customised guide, and in the second visit the implant is placed accurately in the place of the lost tooth with the help of the customised guide. The procedure takes only around 15 minutes with a speedy recovery.

Advantages of lowest digital dental implants cost in Sydney over traditional implants:

There are many advantages of digital implants over traditional implants though traditional implantation also has its own advantages.

  1. No incision leading to less blood loss: The digital dental implants in Sydney lacks sutures, experiencing no bleeding or in rare cases minimal blood loss compared to the traditional method.
  2. Avoids bone grafting: As digital implants are made with customised guides bone grafting can be possibly avoided.
  3. Treatment time and recovery duration is much less: The treatment time is only about 15 minutes and the recovery time is also less as there are no cuts or sutures.
  4. Get your replacement teeth right away: With digital implants you will get your temporary tooth the same day and replacements after about 5 to 7 days compared to the traditional method that takes around 123 days.
  5. Fewer visits to the clinic: Digital implant procedure takes only about 3 visits to the dentist whereas traditional procedure takes around 7 visits.
  6. Exceptional occlusion: In traditional implantation the implants are fixed first and only in the next visit the restored tooth is attached to the implant which at some cases do not fit in properly and has to be adjusted, whereas with affordable digital implants in Sydney unlike traditional method, the entire implants are done at the same day so the crown fits in without any short-change.
  7. No special care needed: Unlike traditional method where the implant has to be replaced after 5 to 7 years in the digital method, the implant can last for a lifetime with minimal care like brushing your teeth twice a day.

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