Electromagnetic Fields or EMFs are already linked to several health problems. There were babies born with diseases like autism and ADHD because of the influence of EMFs on the mother during pregnancy. Even the elderly are not safe. They are more prone to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases because of EMFs. These are already strong reasons to be protected against EMF.

If you think they are not enough, you must know that EMF also causes stress. Some studies have shown that the presence of EMF could lead to anxiety. Since we are exposed to EMF all the time, there is a bigger chance for us to suffer from the said problem. This is true even if the frequency level is low. It is like building something using small pieces of material. Even if you make use of just one item each day, you can build something big eventually. Minor exposure to radiation could turn into something big eventually and this is when you have these health issues.

It is even made worse when you are using mobile phones all the time. The signals from phones appear to be a regular burst of microwave radiation. It means that if you are using your phone more frequently, there is a bigger chance of being more stressed out. Your body has natural defences against these foreign elements. However, there comes a point when the cells are no longer as resilient as they used to be. You will start facing problems in your tissues and organs. Before you know it, you might become a victim of EMF radiation.

You might think that all these negative health effects should scare you. The truth is that these are real possibilities. You can easily suffer from these problems if you are regularly exposed to radiation. This is also a product of several research studies in the past. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not to believe that it is an issue that you have to address.

If you want to help yourself and your children, take a look at the EMF protection jewellery you can buy for EMF protection. Some of them can be placed in your bag and carried with you all the time. There are different ways to stay protected. The point is that you need something to protect your body from the negative effects of radiation. Don’t wait until you are already stressed out before doing something about it. Once your mental health declines, everything else is affected. You must be careful in making the best decision possible since the illnesses due to radiation exposure are really serious.

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