People believed that weight loss through the consumption of green coffee bean is due to the caffeine that is found in the coffee. Surprisingly it is not quite true, but the weight loss is because of a compound found in the coffee known as CGA or chlorogenic acid. The CGA is a kind of phenol compound and the ester of quinic acid and caffeic. Ester is the component of fats or lipids.

It is scientifically proven that green coffee beans can benefit to weight loss program.  The CGA which is found in the green coffee beans comprises of acids and esters combinations. During a process called roasting, the CGA decomposes the components, which is believed to have affected the acidity and also the coffee flavor, along with various health benefits.

The CGA along with the compounds of quinic and caffeic acid is believed to have functioned as an antioxidant. The taste of bitterness comes from caffeic and that of acidity and astringency from quinic acid.

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There are also many other positive effects of using the extracts of green coffee bean like:

  • Colon issues treatment
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • High pressure of blood or hypertension
  • Bacterial infections
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Inflammation

Recommended dosage of Green coffee bean weight loss drug:

  • Research have also shown that dosage of green coffee bean extract ranging from 80mg – 200mg taken daily can provide an average weight loss of 2.5 kg.
  • However, an extract of a different brand of daily dosage of 700mg or 1,050 mg can even provide a 1.5kg to 2kg weight loss in over a period of six weeks.

Green coffee beans weight loss program side effects:

  • The green coffee bean supplement may likely to cause some jitteriness related to caffeine and inhibit some cellular activities.
  • Caffeine, when interacted with alcohol, may increase the serum concentration risk thereby reducing the caffeine metabolism leading to the building up of caffeine in our blood.
  • This supplement can also decrease the effectiveness of certain other medications like Fosamax and should not be taken with antihypertensive, antidiabetic and also beta cholinergic agonists medications.

Using of green coffee bean for your weight loss aids certainly show great promise. But with any weight loss program and management or dealing with obesity, the supplements for burning fat or for increasing metabolism should always go hand in hand with nutritious and balanced diet and also with recommended, moderate exercise goals for optimal results.

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