Hair fall is the darkest side of our life. For some hair fall comes at a very early stage and for some, it comes in the latter half of their life. Let the time be any, it causes lots of trouble, as you cannot do any more taper haircut style or any other. For those who face this stage at an early age faces lots of self-confidence problem and such related things. In this present era, almost everyone is facing this problem due to bad diet unhealthy life style and stress. But due to advancement in the modern science, we can regain our hairs easily.

The regain process is known as a hair transplant. This is a very common and easy process to regain our lost hair. By undergoing an easy surgery we can do it. Many people across the globe have done this and now they got back their lost hairs. But do you know there are some side effects of hair transplantation? Though these problems may not sound much serious but in actual if we see it they might cause long term effect. Many people after their hair transplantation have faced problems. So here we will state out some of the most common side effects which have been faced by many after hair transplantation.

Side effects after hair transplantation.

Listed here are some of the most common side effects after hair transplantation. These problems may not occur to all.

  • Hemorrhage and infection

Hemorrhage is one of the most commonly found hair transplantation problems. This problem is mainly caused due to improper surgery. This problem may keep on increasing and if no proper consultation is taken it might go hazardous. Always consult your doctor during this case and get your health and heart beat checked with a stethoscope. But the infection problem happens if the surgery is undergone with some unsterilized equipment’s and if the infection increases the problem might go to worst.

  • Temporary thinning of hairs

This is a very common problem and is widely been seen after the transplantation. It mainly occurs if the transplantation or Implante Capilar is not done properly or on the process if it might have gone through any problem. In some cases, the hairs start falling again and some part gets bald. So choose a proper place for a proper hair transplantation.

  • Itching

If the scab forms it is natural to have itching. Itching is the most and widely found problem after transplantation. This problem if lasted for long may cause a lot of problems and if proper steps are not taken then hair fall may start again. It is always recommended to do your hair transplant from a proper place or else this problem might occur. If this itching does not stop then it is recommended to visit your doctor.

  • Bleeding

Though bleeding is not seen commonly but in some cases, many patients has seen this. It mainly happens because of the excessive pressure on the scalp and in rear cases, it happens. Though this problem gets resolved automatically but if found the bleeding did not stop then it would be better to consult with your doctor before the problem gets serious.

  • Pain

This is obvious that you will undergo pain. Though on the earlier stage the problem of pain remains higher but as time passes by it gradually decreases and after an interval of time it vanishes automatically. Due to the grafting process, this problem is faced and in the near future if the problem occurs then it is said to consult with the doctor.

  • Swelling

People with a very bad skin face this problem. Although on the earlier stages this problem may occur. In some cases, it is found that the swelling get so extreme that the whole scalp the forehead and the eyes get swelled up. In that case, a proper consultation can easily solve out this problem. The more the problem the more dangerous it might go. So it is said to check out the problem at an early stage.

  • Numbness

Numbness is a very common problem and everyone faces this problem after the surgery. If you find that after a period of time the numbness is not over you might have to consult with a doctor. Though this problem is not much serious but in some cases, the numbness do not get reduced. So it would be better, if you can consult with the doctor and check out the problem.

So these were some of the most common problems which you might face after the hair transplant. These problems might go server if you do not do your transplant from a proper place. It is not compulsory that you will always face these problems. There are many who have undergone a successful surgery and did not have any kinds of problems. So if you are planning to go for a hair transplant then make sure you get mentally prepared as these problems might also get involved with these process.

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