Injuries could be of any kind. Regardless of you maintaining the safety standards and precautionary measures, you may have trouble keeping away from injuries, especially if you were working in heavy metal or chemical industry. Chances are higher of you being exposed to heavy metal, harmful chemicals, and radiation. It would be a miracle if you had served in the industry without any issues and problems until or after your retirement.

Not all would be as lucky as you. There have been numerous workers suffering from various kinds of medical conditions and cancer due to exposure to radiation, heavy metals, and chemicals. Such people would have already spent a fortune on seeking treatment for the medical condition or cancer arising due to exposure during or after they have worked in the industry. If you had conclusive proof of your work experience under the Department of Energy or DOE and had suffered from occupational illnesses such as cancer or any severe disease due to radiation or chemical exposure, you would be entitled to the compensation offered under the energy employees occupational illness compensation program.

It has been an initiative taken by the state and the federal government to compensate the people having worked under the DOE and suffered from harmful chemicals and radiations. They would be given all medical benefits to take care of their treatment needs. However, it would be pertinent that you should fulfill the criteria to become eligible for benefits offered by the EEOICPA.

In case, you wonder on the conditions imposed to be fulfilled by the claimant, you should rest assured that the potential claimant should have worked under the DOE and suffered the ill-effects of radiation during five years of his or her employment. The claimant should also provide proof of employment and illness to receive the medical benefits offered by the program.

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