Theater is the oldest art form, if we discount what the classical Greeks have to say about the matter (according to that school of thought poetry and tragedy are independent art forms unto their own, which view has been hotly debated by centuries of scholars since). Theater has been a part of every culture and every civilization, and understandably so. It is an art form that allows for self expression, and indeed this translates to an expression of the values, ethics and stories that a collective may have to tell.

Over the years, forms of theatre have been experimented with and new ideas, methods and techniques have come into being, but the form has not only survived but thrived and become, if anything, more popular than ever with time. There are growing audiences of people who want to watch plays on a fairly regular basis, and also thousands of those who are committed to participating in the making of a drama. The problem is that they are very often in battle with dire crises of funds.

Putting together a theater production is not exactly a financially low key business. There are plenty of things to pay for, beginning with the auditorium where the play will be staged, to the final piece of tinsel that might decorate the costume of the last and most insignificant extra. From the point of view of the director, who is also often the playwright, each one of these details is equally important and must be paid the same attention. The actors must be paid. The light and sounds technicians must be compensated. And the sets have to be built and the costumes put together by experienced experts who also charge a fee in proportion with their skills.

All this money may come from a wealthy producer, but in this day and age it is becoming increasingly difficult to find such patrons of theater as art. It might be a great idea for theatre practitioners to crowdfund instead to give life to the ideas they come up with, right from the rehearsal stage to the first premier to subsequent stagings.

Crowdfunding India is fast emerging as a smart way of funding creative projects across the country. Crowdfunding India works with the campaigner starting a fundraiser for free on a crowdfunding India platform and sharing its link on social media, asking friends and fans for donations so this project (here a theater production) can come to life. With a lot of people donating small sums of money each, huge amounts can be collected in days or weeks. What we have then a piece of art made by the people and for the people.

Theater crowdfunding is a real thing! Fund your production through crowdfunding India today.


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