There are now effective drugs to overcome erection difficulties, but these treatments only work if the deficiencies are of “mechanical” origin.

Erectile dysfunction has both physical and psychological causes. A complex mixture that sexologists summarize in two words: multifactorial disorder. And as if things were not already complicated enough, the dialogue between the brain and the penis is two-way. Thus intense stress can prevent erection, but the reverse is also true, and a strictly local action on the virile organ, for example by an injection of vasodilator, has an impact on the brain by reducing anxiety which in turn facilitates erection.

When the man goes back to work, he does not only find an erection but also his self-confidence. If the troubles persist, we must go further because it means that erectile dysfunction was then only the tree that hid the forest unless, of course, the man and his partner cope with these erectile disturbances. Now with the use of bluechew all the result comes perfect.

It is more common than we think

In the past, when they talked about the biological part of erection, doctors simply gave advice on healthy living: avoid eating too much fat, drinking too much, not smoking and playing sports regularly.

The goal is to preserve the good condition of the vessels and nerves of the penis. But most of the treatment was still based on the psychological aspects of the excitement. Now the biology of erection has clearly returned to the center of attention with the arrival of Viagra, the first inhibitor of phosphodiesterase V (IPDE5) in 1998, quickly followed by his younger brothers, Levitra and Cialis, then Spedra more recently.

Ensure the proper use of the drug

The risk today is not to address the psychogenic aspects or reduce them to the anxiety of performance. One only has to hear some leaders of the discipline, such as Irvin Goldstein, the director of the Sexual Medicine Center of San Diego (USA), it is not to devalue the psychological aspects but at a certain point all sex is mechanical, he said shortly after the arrival of Viagra. The man needs sufficient axial stiffness of his penis for penetration and must manage to maintain it. It is a mechanical structure and the mechanical structures follow scientific principles. We have known more romantic.

It is true that erection medications have largely proven their effectiveness. Provided that they are used properly, the specialists insist. “When it is not contraindicated, the prescription of an IPDE5 in a man must be accompanied, that is to say, it is necessary to seek events that may have triggered the breakdown: the couple’s life, work, etc., because if erectile dysfunction hides a fundamental problem, IPDE5 may not be enough. The expert also warns against a reductive approach to erectile dysfunction: “If one chemically allows erection without changing the conditions of desire, the man risks sinking into the provision of sexual service”.

The list of possible causes of erectile dysfunction is long. We can summarize them in three main directions, difficulties with potential partners, lack of self-confidence and age.