People make lot of mistakes while working out that can lead to injuries as well. Good form is the term everyone uses for the proper way to train and workout. A good form must be such that the chances of injury while working out is lessened and at the same time apply enough body mechanics to increase the strength and energy. Proper technique to training requires some time to master but if followed well can provide great results with time.

Need for good form


  • Proper technique to training can yield great results in a period of time. The efficiency of workouts will maximize, if the form of training is correct.
  • You don’t have to put much effort while training if the technique of workout is perfect. With right amount of effort in the gym, you can get great results.
  • As we already know people without the proper knowledge and technique can injure themselves while working out. You can avoid getting injured during training by following the correct techniques.


The proper form of exercise


  • Spinal alignment

The proper form of training involves taking care of alignment, tension and range of motion. Spinal cord is prone to injury and care should be taken to avoid injuring while working out. Proper back alignment is important to prevent hurting your back. You need to keep the lower back flat or slightly concave when you are doing exercise targeting the back.

  • Joint alignment

Joint alignment while training is also very vital as there is range of motion. For example while bench-pressing, you need to keep the elbows near the ribcages. You also need to keep the legs into the ground and stick them there.

For best results you need to start with weights that you can carry, breathe while holding weight, take proper rest and balance the major muscles. Proper technique is very vital for high strength and low risk of injuries. Never skip warm-up before exercise or rush things up. Don’t over-exercise and if you get injured don’t avoid the pain.

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