If you ever wanted to have bigger and rounder breasts, you have probably heard about both the breast implant surgery as well as fat grafting. However, are you sure you understand the difference between the two procedures? Well, before you decide which surgery is the right for you, it is always better to inform yourself.

Another very important thing for you to understand is that you need to choose a good clinic for the procedure as well. You can check out https://www.chelseacosmeticsmelbourne.com.au/ or simply choose a clinic with the highest reputation and great results from your area.

Classic, round implants; Saline or silicone?

We have all heard about saline and silicone breast implants, as they have been used a lot over the years. However, some might actually see these implant choices as outdated, but even so, these classics are used today.

Breast implants can help with self-esteem as well

You might be surprised to hear that professionals are still not sure which one of the two materials offer the best results. The usual comments surrounding silicone implants are that they feel much better than saline implants; they are not heavy and have a softer feel to them. While the comments about saline implants usually say that they are better because they add more bounce.

Some patients do not want to use the silicone implants because of the previous FDA accusations that have been lifted. Usually, doctors will use the saline if the patients are under 22 years old, or maybe she is just too worried about having silicone in her body. If the price is a concern, saline cots half of what silicone does, and that can also play a role.

If you already have larger breasts, you have to choose the material that will give you the best results, without suffocating the breast tissue that you have, In this case, silicone is usually referred as you might feel the implant through the skin.

What about fat grafting?

This procedure is also sometimes called the fat transfer fat augmentation, and it is trying to deal with two issues simultaneously. By having your fat removed from some more troubled areas on your body using lipo, your surgeon will be able to inject that body back to your body in a different area; in this case in your breasts.

The fat that is removed can be used somewhere else on your body

This is why fat grafting is also seen as a mild procedure, as you are countering your body with what it naturally created. This is known to be the most natural breast augmentation procedure, for obvious reasons, and since it is already your fat, you do not have to worry about exchange or implant failure. However, with fat grafting, you cannot go more than one cup size up, which can be a deal breaker.

What should you choose? First, you need to have a consultation with your doctor, and he/she will be able to tell you the best option in your case. You can learn more about remove your double chin by talking to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne or simply contact your doctor and have a proper chat as to what are the results you want.

Final word

This all really depends on the results that you would be satisfied with, and that is something that could only be decided by your doctor. Never take matters into your own hands, especially if you want a natural look. Listen to your doctors, and choose from the options he/she gives you.

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