HGH supplements can be harmful if overdosed or misused but if they are used in the right manner, they can be very beneficial, depending on why you are using it. Though primarily used for medical purposes, there are bodybuilders and sportspersons who use the supplement to enhance their physique. This is because this supplement is helpful in increasing the muscle size, as growth hormone is primarily responsible for increasing cells in the body. That is how it helps in growth.

HGH cycle                

HGH cycle is used in two cases. One is the medical use and the other is used by bodybuilders. When used as a medicine, it is the injection form that is prescribed by doctors. It is mainly used to treat growth related problems in children. So, a child may be giving injections daily for a week, but not for all the seven days but just five days or so. Then this dose is stopped for two or more days and then again the cycle is restarted. This cycle thus can continue to either 20 days or even go up to 50 days.  In some cases, it goes up to five to eight months also.  The period of treatment and the dose prescribed is based on the age of the child and also his or her diagnosis.

In bodybuilders, the HGH cycle lasts for 12 to 20 weeks. Some bodybuilders also stack it with other supplements for more results. One of the products used for stacking is testosterone or they may use other anabolic steroids. But again, this is not at all advised as there can be many side effects. At the same time, it is not with these supplements that side effects can occur but even with any medicines or even herbal supplements.

Also, the level and the number of side effects may differ from person to person. There are many factors that decide as to how a certain supplement or product will work on a person and this may include the person’ age, health condition, any other medical conditions, and so on.  Thus, for whatever reason you might use HGH supplements, it is always best to find how it works, the right and safe dosage, safety precautions and so on.  If there are too many complications associated with its usage, it is best to switch to any alternative products. Check this website.

HGH usage points

You may find about HGH cycle, stacking options, etc., in many websites but you cannot always rely on them as they may not be accurate and thus, you cannot rely on these views. If you are a bodybuilder and wish to use the supplement, then the only way to get the right information is to ask fellow bodybuilders who have or are using HGH supplements. You can find from them the right way to use the supplement. Getting the usage points from actual HGH users is best way to use it safely and with minimum or zero side effects. Since you also get different forms of HGH supplements, you should do a study before deciding which form is the most beneficial to you. Though HGH injections are used medically, using it for bodybuilding is not at all recommended.

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