Want to melt fats or improve endurance while lifting weights? Here is a synthetic drug that can make wonders for your weight loss goal and improves your physique. Professor Thomas Burris of the Scripps Research Institute developed this research drug. Stenabolic can bind with the Rev ERB protein in the muscle tissues. This results in a more active human body. In turn, Stenabolic users have improved endurance and muscle strength.

Discover one of the newest advances in pharmacology. And learn why fitness enthusiasts and weightlifters are considering this performance-enhancing drug. Check these 3 amazing benefits Stenabolic offers:

Stenabolic improves stamina and aids in weight loss

Fatigue is a weakening factor for many weight lifters. Stenabolic can provide a remedy for this problem. It binds and activates the Rev RB protein inside the muscle tissues. This results in an increase in mitochondria count in muscle tissues. The increase of mitochondria count then generates energy inside the body. Stenabolic also boosts the macrophages and wipes away all defective mitochondria within the muscle cells. The result is an increase in muscle strength and endurance during workouts. With Stenabolic, users can perform vigorous cardio training, lifting, and other bodybuilding routines. So, Stenabolic can aid individuals wanting to shed some pounds. And it can control the weight of individuals over time.

Stenabolic decreases muscle inflammation

The human body functions in a coordinated manner. Our body adjusts to the rise and fall of the sun in a 24-hour cycle. This pattern is what we call the circadian rhythm.  Now, the REV-ERBs are a pair of proteins that stabilizes our internal clock. Stenabolic is a compound that enhances REV-ERB activity in an effective way. Rev RB plays a role in regulating the circadian rhythm. This in turn aggravates muscle inflammation. This explains why Stenabolic can help reduce muscle inflammation.

Here is good news for fitness enthusiast and athletes. Stenabolic users can enjoy their workouts with a decrease of muscle inflammation. Also, athletes who are training hard can get a higher quality muscle mass.

Stenabolic controls glucose levels

Stenabolic can treat people with Type 2 Diabetes. How? Stenabolic can reduce the amount of blood glucose and triglyceride levels. This eases the burden on the pancreas to produce more insulin.

Stenabolic can counteract the impact of aging muscles. It can also prevent loss of strength. Muscle tissues help with the absorption of the blood glucose. And muscle mass reduction increases insulin levels. This explains why resistance training combined with cardio is good for people over the age of 35. This is when muscles start to lose its mass and strength.

The wonder of Stenabolic or SR9009 continues. Current research indicates that there are no side effects with the use of this “exercise in a bottle”. Steroids increase testosterone levels. Yet, SARMs like Stenobolic only grows your muscle and melts your fat. Indeed, Stenabolic is not your ordinary performance-enhancing drug.

You need to follow the prescribed dosage. Health professionals recommend taking 20-30 mg per day in an 8-week cycle. Because of its short half-life, users should space the dosage outright. The right dosage can help the users get all the benefits of Stenabolic.