We all understand just how important it is to have our eyes or dental check-ups, however, why have we all forgotten the importance of our feet? Be it summer, or winter, there are a lot of dangers and conditions that could be developed, and here you have a couple of things your podiatrist wants you to know.

  1. Check your feet daily

While this does not mean that you need to visit your podiatrist every day, checking your feet daily is a good start. In case you do find any issues, or your feet start hurting you can always schedule an appointment at https://orthoticsolutionspodiatry.com.au/or just visit your local reputable podiatry clinic instead.

Visit your podiatrist before a minor injury causes any permanent damage!

  1. Dry them properly

More often than not, people forget the importance of actually drying their feet when they get out of the shower. Usually, they will skip that part altogether and just let them dry on their own, which is not a good idea. Depending on how your toes are structured, and how much they are squished together, you can have that moisture stay there for a while, and even develop some conditions caused by fungus.

  1. Let your toenails breathe

Did you know that improperly cut toenails are the leading cause of having ingrown toenails? Well, if you cut your toenails at an angle, or too short, do not be surprised if they start hurting when they grow. You should visit your podiatrist if this happens, and try not to do any of the famous internet ‘home remedies’ that could often cause even more problems.

  1. Changes in your toenails’ appearance

Another thing you need to pay attention to is the color of your toenails. A fungus can start as a spotty, powdery, spotty look on the top of your nail, and very often people have had their nails varnished for a long time, so they were not even able to notice it. The fungus could cause some serious conditions, so you should get that checked.

  1. Do not try to avoid the inevitable

Usually, people who hurt themselves will avoid seeing the podiatrist, because they believe that the pain will just go away on its own. While this might be true for some cases, if your pain is still there in the morning, make sure to visit your podiatrist. If you continue avoiding the visit, you might be causing yourself permanent damage.

Listen to what your podiatrist has to say

  1. The right shoes

One of the most often cause of some foot conditions are improperly fitted shoes, which is why podiatrist suggest that you should shop for shoes in the afternoon when your feet have swollen up a bit you could also ask your podiatrist about the right shoes for your feet. If you are interested, you can contact Podiatry Kensington such as Orthotic Solutions Podiatry, or simply visit your local podiatry clinic.

7.Listen to your podiatrist

Another mistake people often make is that they do not fully listen to what their podiatrist is telling them. If your podiatrist has prescribed you a specific cream, then use that cream instead of what your family thinks that you should use.

Final word

As much as you take care of your looks, you need to take care of your feet. As soon as you feel any kind of pain in your feet or lower legs, it is time to visit a podiatrist, especially if the pain keeps being persistent, for more than a day.

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