No time, no money, no sex obviously this is not how you picturized your parenthood. After a day long cycle of feeding, changing and swaddling, sex is the last thing you probably have in your mind. We know for first time moms taking care of a baby is life changing. You dreamed of a happy family life for a long run but chances are things become quite scandalous post your baby birth. Motherhood brings in many changes in a woman’s life from the sudden physical changes to the raising responsibilities of growing another human being. But all these behaviours are accepted with open arms since motherhood is a divine role that is unique to a woman.

Although all the ecstasy and happy feelings of a newborn baby gradually fades away and reality takes over the place. The recent labor pain, sore stitches, weight gain and exhausting schedules make sex the least priority in a woman’s life. The conclusion is pregnancy and the following childbirth kills the sexual frequency between the couples. But don’t lose hopes, if your sexual desires have dropped to nil, it can be rekindled by following some of the below mentioned tips, let’s have a look!

Do not forget your regular kegels

After childbirth, pain is very common during sexual intimacy in most of the women. This is because vaginal delivery decreases the tone of your pelvic muscles and makes you feel less orgasmic. Kegel exercise is the best cure to do this. By simply contracting and relaxing the muscles you can regain the strength of your vaginal muscles and can keep your partner happy always. You an also try vtight gel for vaginal tightness

Talk about sex with your partner

With time, the sex issue between couples get resolved but men mostly don’t understand this thing and becomes so possessive about their sex lives. To overcome this problem, discuss this thing more often and openly with your partner. Try to listen to your partner’s problems and ideas and take it in a positive way. If you take the things in a negative way, nothing is going to be solved then.

Maintain some sort of physical closeness

Undeniably, now there is a small baby in your home who needs all your attention which was completely bestowned by your man but this doesn’t mean you start ignoring him. Try to escape some quality time from your busy schedule or at least maintain that cute romance in your relationship after a childbirth. You can continue some sort of physical intimacy like kissing, hugging, cuddling, rubbing his back holding his hands every now and then to keep the spark alive

Establish a routine for your newborn

Make a routine for your baby so that he or she is in bed by at least 8 in the night. A regular routine makes life much easier for both the newborn and you. Keep the room dark at night and bright in days and don’t make noise in night to let baby understand that playtime is over and it’s time to sleep. Once your baby start sleeping at nights, you will have plenty of time to spend with your partner.

A childbirth is a new phase of life for everyone. Guys should take care of both the special ones in his life. Things will automatically fall in place if you both understand each other and give this new phase a bit of time.

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