Present day’s lifestyle of humans is so busy that they don’t have any leisure to think about anything, even their health. Earlier people used to walk to their work and home and work manually so they remained fit. Nowadays, with the invention of machines, everything has become easier. With just a few clicks you can do anything as long as you have required machinery. This has made people lazy and unhealthy. But on the internet, there are Origym’s top 150 top health sites to follow that gives you tips and advice to stay healthy.

Smartphones have become an integral part of human’s life. You can see any news or article on anything, anywhere around the world. You can also watch health-related topics on the internet on your smartphone. You can find any topic on health-related issues like diet, nutrition, exercises, etc. Origym is a pro in physical fitness and health education programs. It also provides online courses and consists of Origym’s top 150 top health sites to follow that provide blogs on health education.

These top sites gather nutritional and fitness topics from around the world. These articles are presented in a simple way and are easy to understand. These 150 sites are the very best in health and fitness related topic. You don’t have to search for a particular topic and sort through rubbish articles. Here you can find all the decent health and nutrition site.

Some of the sites among these 150 top sites are-

  • The Beachbody blog – for weight loss and comprehensive workout programs at home.
  • Quest Nutrition – They post one blog per week and is popular among young readers.
  • Nutrition Secrets – They simplifies the complex scientific information for easy reading.
  • Real Mom Nutrition – Emphasis on healthy eating and good parenting for healthy living.
  • Nutrition Diva: Quick and Dirty –This blog separate good nutritional facts from fiction.



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