Winstrol, the trade name of the hormone Stanozolol is also known as Winnie. It was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962 and commonly used as a medication. This steroid has the ability to promote the production of red blood cells and therefore used to treat anemia and angioedema. Further, it helps the patients suffering from muscle wasting diseases to gain as well as maintain weight. As this medication does not aromatize, there is a lesser risk of side effects making if favorable for usage of both doctors and veterinarians. It is safe for both men and women due to no estrogenic side effects.

The steroid is available in both the oral and the injectable forms. It is extremely popular among bodybuilders and athletes who want to get a perfect physique and often recommended by many athletes to the first-time users. Athletes depend on their speed and power during competition preparation which makes this medication extremely advantageous for athletes. Athletes may deliver a greater performance than they could without taking this steroid. It can solidify gains formed in the bulking phase and prevent its loss in the off-season. This substance is excellent in retaining muscle mass in dieting and cutting phase.

Remarkable benefits

This steroid does not convert into estrogen like other anabolic steroids. This is possibly the biggest advantage for male users as they do not require thinking about the problem of gynecomastia. Some steroids cause water retention in bodybuilders that cut their muscular look. There is no problem of water retention with this steroid that makes it a good choice for bodybuilders’ building muscle and getting a cut and hard look. It provides a muscle growth when taken in combination with workouts. It is also excellent in increasing muscle size and muscle strength. It stimulates the production of red blood cells which results in muscular endurance.

Moreover, this medication has the ability to give a lean appearance without the bulk. It is perfect for those bodybuilders who do not want to add more bulk. Additionally, the benefits include an increase in speed, power and agility for the athletes depending on speed and power during their competitions. Their overall performance gets boosted up. It reduces the sex hormone-binding globulin, making it possible to stack steroids without lowering the dosages. Stacking also helps users to get a lean and hard look. People do not face any side effects when recommended dosages are taken. Women too prefer this compound due to less androgenic properties.

Guidelines for the first Winstrol cycle

You are advised to begin with an initial small dose and gradually increase it. For men using this steroid for cutting and if their maximum dose is 50 mg daily then they should opt for 25 mg daily dosage. Moreover, they need to observe how their body reacts during the cycle. Do not run out of the steroid cycle in the middle as it can be unpleasant. Before starting the cycle, ensure yourself of having sufficient supplements for liver care. It is advisable to eat healthily and keep yourself hygienic as its usage can weaken the immune system of your body.Remember, this supplement preserves muscle mass during the cutting phase that allows athletes to lose body fat minus muscle loss during competition preparation.