When you come across injuries occurred at your place of work, you should rest assured to seek medical assistance along with legal help. However, if you were given free medical help without the need for legal assistance, you would feel elated. You may wonder whether there have been special programs designed by the federal government for the benefit of the employees. Do not fret, as the federal government has designed various programs that would take care of the employees in the event any kind of injury occurs during their employment.

It would be a boon for the employees of the Department of Energy, as the federal government had designed the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act. The act would be providing adequate healthcare benefits to the employees of the Department of Energy. The division of energy employees occupational illness compensation would ensure that the employees working under the Department of Energy during the cold war would be adequately compensated by the government for the injuries or illnesses suffered by them during employment.

The EEOICPA has been specifically designed for the employees of the Department of Energy being diagnosed with cancer or covered medical conditions under the EEOICPA. The EEOICPA has been very thorough with the conditions for filing the claim. The conditions to be fulfilled have been provided as under:

  • The claimant should be an employee of the Department of Energy during the cold war.
  • The claimant should be diagnosed with illnesses covered by the EEOICPA.
  • The claimant should have been diagnosed with illnesses within five years of his or her employment under the EEOICPA.
  • The survivor family member claiming the benefits under EEOICPA should provide proof of relationship with the deceased employee of the Department of Energy.

These aforementioned conditions should be fulfilled before the claimant looks forward to filing the claim.

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