Breast Actives has been promoted as a natural way to safely enhance your breast. It is a top rated product and has had lots of testimonials claiming it does wonders for women’s breasts. It is made up of natural herbs and ingredients including:


This is the main ingredient of the Breast Actives massage cream and is well known to be a miracle cure for small breasts. It is also known as KwaoKrua and is from Thailand and Burma and used regularly by the indigenous people who live there. By rubbing the cream into your breasts everyday, the miroestrol and deoxymiroestrol in the PuerariaMirifica stimulate breast growth in the same way as oestrogen would.


This has been used since Ancient Egyptians times as a medicinal plant. It has always been known for its ability to improve breast size and Turkish harem women used to bathe in it in order to enlarge their breasts and improve their shape. It contains a steroid type ingredient called diosgenin. Diosgenin stimulates the production of progesterone which causes breasts to enlarge in the same way as they did during puberty.


This is another herb that has been known to increase breast size for centuries. It has also been used to increase mother’s milk production and boost flagging libidos. The phyto-oestrogens in Fennel work in the same way as the oestrogens in puberty and pregnancy. Tests on female rats showed that their breasts grew after eating Fennel seeds for ten days.

Blessed Thistle

Blessed thistle has been used for problems with the female reproductive system and as a digestive aid for a long time. It is used to balance the female reproductive system and as a general tonic when periods are not quite right. Germany’s Commission E has recommended blessed thistle for treating loss of appetite and poor indigestion. The herb has been known to prevent headaches, treat memory loss and help to strengthen the stomach and heart.

Dong Quai

This is known as the female ginseng and is a very relaxing herb. It also contains the phyto-oestrogens that promote breast enlargement. It is known to work wonders for women who have mood swings and depression due to the way it stimulates blood flow through the brain and body. It works in the same way as Ginseng which is also well known to treat female mood problems.

These are not all of the ingredients in Breast Actives. There are others that also help promote the growth of breasts, but these are the primary ingredients. Although all these herbs are great for helping you to get larger breasts, they are holistic herbs, which mean they work to keep the whole body healthy. As you can see in some of the plant descriptions, some also help to combat depression and memory loss as well as other problems. Hopefully the end result of using Breast Actives will be larger, firmer breasts as well as a healthier heart, brain and body.

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