Food poisoning mostly occurs when the water or food you take contains some kind of harmful germ (microbes), toxins or some different chemicals is drunk or eaten. These germs and diseases lead to diarrhea, with being sick or not, you will vomit every five minutes later. Eating or drinking infected food or liquids can also be the cause of this and can lead to some other indications. However, in some of the cases the indications go away in a short period of time but in some cases, they do not and they take so long. The number one risk is the not taking of body fluid, in other words, “dehydration”. The best treatment at the moment is to have lots of drinks to try to ignore dehydration. In most cases, taking antibiotic meds or other treatments can be needed. Some suspected cases of food poisoning mostly happen because of eating restaurant food, you should definitely report that to your local Environmental Health Office. You certainly don’t want any other person to suffer from what you are suffering. You should take some serious steps for preventing food poisoning.

What is the true meaning of food poisoning?

Food poisoning symptoms infects when we take the type of food or water that is contaminated with dangerous germs or various chemicals that people eat or drink. When we talk about food poisoning, the thing that comes to our minds is the typical gastroenteritis (that is the infection of the bowels), this usually causes diarrhea that leads to getting sick and vomiting all over the place. Food poisoning can be caused by the following:


If we talk about bacteria, then the most commonly found germ is campylobacter that cause food poisoning everywhere. Some other bacteria that can also cause food poisoning includes:

  • Salmonella
  • Escherichia coil
  • Clostridium perfringens
  • Shigella
  • Listeria


Some germs (viruses), like norovirus or rotavirus, can infect the food you are eating and that can lead to food poisoning.


These parasites are another kind of microbe. Parasites are known as living organisms that live inside or on, some other organism. Some examples are cryptosporidium, Entamoeba histolytic and giardia parasites. However, if you ask for the major cause of food poisoning then parasites are the most common ones. Parasites are mostly the ones that are developing common in the world.

Another commonly known reason of food poisoning is called “Toxoplasma gondii”. This is that type of parasite that lives inside the bodies of a number of animals, which includes cats. Food poisoning can occur if the water or food you are taking is infected with infected cats’ stools, or if undercooked or raw meat from another animal who ate the parasite. All that food is then taken by human beings and they eat it. It is always better to stay at home when it comes to food because you never know how other people cook their food maybe they don’t even wash their hands.

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