As human beings, it is normal to get hurt. Therefore, healing as well as transformation is needed. You may be trying so hard to recover from your past experiences. But, sometimes, things don’t work out just like what you have planned. So, that may bring you more pressure and depression. The only thing that can really help is music. You might not look at music as an instrument for people to feel better. But, what we are talking about here is more than just music because it heals.

Have you tried listening to some healing music? Check out Wholetones.They offer a list of music with really good sounds and frequencies that you may listen to, especially when you needed someone to accompany you, but you just can’t be with this person again – that’s when this person already passed away or have left you a long time and you are still missing and longing for him. Sometimes, you also need help and you do not want anybody around, so healing music is an ideal companion. It may not be literally talking with you, but you can hear and listen to the words through music.

Some individuals were unlucky because they are deaf and can never have the chance to listen to healing music. But, here you are, someone who is blessed with functional ears, has the opportunity to receive the healing power of Wholetones music. If you ever have the chance to choose what music is right for your current condition, then you are so lucky. We have here a few tips that may help you in preparing the healing music that you would like to play.

The appropriate healing music

Do not always choose the music that you really like to play. For example, when you are feeling so depressed because you had a fight with your partner. You might want to play and listen to sad love songs, right? In your thinking, listening to this type of music would calm you down and help you forget about the fight. But, you are wrong because sad love songs would make you feel weaker.

You are in a situation, where you need to be strong, so your choice won’t be very helpful. Instead of choosing to play sad love songs, why don’t you play healing music? It must be something that will make you feel lighter and will remove the negative energy that you absorbed because of the fight.

The sequence of the music

Playing a single music alone won’t be enough to calm you down and change your mood. So, you have to choose a sequence of music and save them in your playlist. Let’s say that you are angry because you had a fight with your partner, but anger is not really what you want to acquire. The truth is, you are sad and lonely because the fight stopped you to be with your partner.

Therefore, what you must arrange is a sequence of healing music to ease the loneliness. This sequence is exactly what you need. So, how would you prepare the list? Let’s say that your first choice must be something that has something to do with extreme sadness. Next to this is a milder music. And then, a neutral music. Now, end your sequence with a healing music that will uplift you from being so down. This will help you realize that there would be a new and better day to come. I guess that is a reason, valid enough to make you smile.

Play and Listen

Get yourself ready. Make sure that you are in a relaxed position. It does not matter if you are on the floor, sofa or bed. Take a deep breathe and play your list. It would be nice if you are using speakers because your whole body needs to absorb the music. In fact, you can always get cheap ones via

Anyway, once you already started playing the music, do not allow anything to interrupt you. If possible, you have to play the sequence until the last music. Focus on what you are listening to and stop yourself from doing other things, such as browsing your mobile phone, sending messages or browsing a book. Feel the music and allow your mind and body to absorb it.

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