Stem-cell therapy is a revolution in medicine. Even though the method was discovered in the 1960s at the University of Toronto, it was placed into practice not more than 2 decades ago. Today stem-cell therapy is being used worldwide for treating all kinds of problems. Learn more about the history here.

In this article, we’ll talk about how it works, who can benefit from it and are you the one that can gain from it too. Read on and learn more!

What is stem-cell therapy

Stem cells are actually blank cells that can be transformed into whatever the doctors and patients need. They are raw cells that are able to adopt the features of nearby cells but also to divide up to infinity. That means these cells can overflow the spot where they are injected and basically replace the old and injured or diseased cells with new healthy ones.

Also, with proper treatment, the cells can completely heal the spot by replacing the old cells. Knowing that they are able to divide from itself and create new ones, you can say that you get a completely new part of your body. The main ones are called mother cells and the new ones coming out of it are called daughter cells.

Who needs it?

Let’s say you have an injured knee. You feel constant pain while you walk and you can’t even think about running. This method is just for you.

The doctors will get stem cells from your own bone marrow and will inject them on the place that is needed. See more about bone marrow here: With proper treatment over time, your old cells will disappear and will be replaced by new healthy ones.

Up until now, it is proven that the method helps about a lot of conditions, diseases and injuries. Joints are the ones that benefit the most, but it is used for people with heart diseases, Alzheimer’s, and similar serious problem. People are very satisfied with it when it was used for teeth and hair growing. It is also excellent for improving vision and hearing. It is a way to becoming younger in some way.

Where can you get it?

There are lots of private clinics working with this method. Generally, there’s at least one in every major city around the US and Canada where it is legal. This is not a complex procedure that lasts not more than an hour. Post-procedure is also nothing special. The patients should rest between 24 and 48 hours so the body can do its job properly.

This means that every doctor that specialized in this section of medicine can perform the task. However, this procedure is not legal in some states. Still, no one can stop you from going to a neighboring state and do what’s needed. For example, it is legal in California which is the state that has the most clinics doing this procedure. The second right after CA is Florida. Stem cell therapy Florida is offered in every major city like Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. Just look it up on the map.

Types of stem cell therapy and concerns

There are generally two ways to get stem cells. One is the embryonic way and the other is the bone marrow way. The first one raises a lot of issues and concerns because people see it as using unborn children for old people’s needs.

The second way – getting it from bone marrow is much less obstructed. The doctors get the cells from your own body and place it where it needs to go. The bone marrow is known as a place where cells are created and the doctors only redirect them to the place you need it the most.


Even though there are moral concerns over the issue, it is sure that getting stem cells from adults will continue to live in the future. Knowing that it is helpful and it is not causing damage to anyone else, there’s no reason for anyone to obstruct the future of this method.

Knowing that this is a young branch in medicine, we can’t wait to see what scientists and doctors will come up with next. Maybe in the future, we’ll be able to do even more than just healing damaged parts of our body.

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